Finding the Right Name.

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Hi and Hello. My name is Candace Schaddelee. This is my photography brand, Rememory Photography. I experimented with a variety of names, and Rememory stuck with me. I have always had an obsession with recording memories, via journal writing, picture taking, and video recording. So the idea of a name with “remember” or “memory” seemed to naturally embody my goal with a photography business. Is that not why we take photographs? To record and revisit our precious memories? This is how the name came to be. Rememory Photography.

 Before the name evolved, this photo hobby sparked a passionate love in me this past summer. My husband and I invested in professional gear for ourselves; two Nikon DSLRs, a tripod, several essential lenses, camera bags, as well as a good sense for how to use it all. We both fell in love with the art of photography.

I considered the idea of creating a business with this passion during my sister-in-law’s engagement¬†photoshoot. The whole family was vacationing in San Pedro, Belize, so naturally, it provided the perfect scenery for great photos. My husband mentioned after our week-long vacation that the happiest I seemed to be was during the couple hours I was taking engagement pictures for Talor and Ben. Of course I had lots of fun during the vacation, but he was right. I love taking pictures! And I love trying to make people happy with the pictures I take of them.

[Take a peek at their photoshoot here.]

So anyway. Welcome to Rememory Photography. I hope you enjoy viewing my photos as much as I enjoy taking them. Direct all questions to me on my contact page.


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