Celena and Luke | Couple’s Portrait Session

Celena and Luke (4 of 26)

I recently did a maternity photo session with Celena and Luke. Now when I think of maternity sessions, the first word that typically comes to mind is “sweet”, or “family”, and obviously, “babies”.  When I think of Celena and Luke’s maternity session, I think “romantic”. Not that Maternity photographs aren’t inherently romantic, it’s just that the focus is usually on mom, and dad, AND the baby belly, not just the couple. With Celena and Luke’s baby session, however, I took what I consider to be the most romantic photograph I have ever taken. It is in this series here:

Celena Series

You can tell that these two love each other so much, just from the look in Celena’s eyes. THAT is what really makes this photograph so romantic.

This session has inspired me for future maternity/baby sessions. Having a child is a very special time in a couple’s lives. I want to see more photos like this that reflect the kind of love that comes from starting a family.

See more from their session [here].


2 Comments on “Celena and Luke | Couple’s Portrait Session

  1. Candace, thank you so much for such a fantastic photography session! You made it so easy for us to feel comfortable and natural during the shoot. You’re the best! xo