Big Bend National Park

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Josiah and I celebrated our 4-year anniversary last weekend! Like we did last year, we had a “posh-and-primitive” getaway. We planned on camping at Big Bend National Park, tent and all, but one of the cottages at the Chisos Basin Lodge opened up, so we got an entire little mountain-type cottage to ourselves! So we spent three days at Big Bend, hiking the trails, exploring the basin, and climbing the biggest mountain at the park, Emery Peak. I was expecting Big Bend to be desert-like and dry and desolate (which, parts of it are), but hiking through Chisos Basin was anything but. It was green, mountainous, and abundant with fresh air. I love love loved it.

There is something distinctly special about connecting with nature. I have lived in a big city, or outside of a big city, for the majority of my life. I forget how amazing something like a sunrise or a sunset can look and feel, or how the sky is normally saturated with stars at night. It honestly made me consider moving to a remote little town in west Texas, because I fell in love with the whole experience.

We ended our vacation at Eve’s Organic Bed and Breakfast in Marathon, Texas. Josiah and I honestly didn’t know how to get there, but we knew it was located in Marathon. We drove into the small town and spotted it immediately, since it’s vibrant walls and unique architecture stood out among the normalcy of everything else. I recommend it to anyone passing through that town. The owners cooked everyone an organic breakfast from fruits and veggies grown in their own garden every morning. The Garden Room was probably the coolest room I have ever stayed in, which I think says a lot considering how often hubs and I travel. The complex also had a ‘sunset roof’ that gives you a spectacular view of the sunset over the mountains. We also snuck up there at night and watched the stars come in. (Cue *awww*) But that Sunset Roof allowed me to capture the last two pictures of this set, the last one being my absolute favorite.

Anyway. Without further ado, here are some of my favorites from the trip. Take a look:

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  1. These pictures are so beautiful. What a gift you have.