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This [ONA] camera bag, is awesome. I think this bag can work for so many people!

So I got this camera bag after seeing the [ONA] brand on Jasmine Star’s blog, and started looking into them. I looked at all sorts of reviews, all the models, etc. I finally came to the consensus that most people loved them, and I wanted to try it out. I opted for the BOWERY model.

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What I love about the Bowery:

1. The versatility.

I can wear this as it’s own messenger-style camera bag, or I can remove the straps and use it as an insert into any other purse or bag I own. I went on a playdate the other day and was able to still use my “mommy bag” for all my kiddo’s needs while protecting all my gear with this bag. For so long I wouldn’t bring my camera with me unless I was on a job, because I didn’t want to lug my camera bag around. This makes protecting all my expensive gear a breeze.

2. It actually fits what I need.

On the job, which for me, is usually at a couples photo session or a wedding, my average use is about 3 lenses. I own quite a few at this point, but I mainly use one of these lenses at any given point:

-50mm 1.4

-24-70mm 2.8

-70-200mm 2.8

-105mm 2.8 Macro

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Here is how I tackle this at a wedding. I wear my camera body with a lens at all times, which allows me with 2 (maybe three if they are smaller), lens spots in the bag. This allows me to easily switch out lenses, without having to carry a ton of gear around. Just know, the 70-200mm will NOT fit in this bag with anything else in it.

Other sessions are easier, because if I’m not doing portraiture, I just bring my 50mm 1.4 and 24-70mm 2.8 on my person in the Bowery. Everything fits perfectly with my D600 camera body. Everything I need is at my fingertips, without looking like I am lugging a camera shop at my side. Which leads me to my next point!

3. It is light.

I am a small person and have been DESPERATELY needing a smaller/lighter bag. My older ones kill my back, and honestly, I do feel like I am carrying around a small camera department with other camera bags. I don’t have the time or body build to deal with that weight anymore. This is probably the greatest selling point for me. I can still bring my huge camera bag with me to all my photo sessions (which contains my backup camera body, extra lenses, flash, etc), but I don’t need to carry it on my person anymore. I free up space for only what I need, which the Bowery does wonderfully for me.

ONA Bowery Bag | Rememory Photography-1-3

4. The price point.

You can’t beat it from what I have researched! I currently own three camera bags, and although my other ones are cheaper, this [ONA] Bowery is of much better quality. I purchased it Amazon Prime for $129.00.

5. It doesn’t LOOK like a camera bag!

Let’s face it. Most functional camera bags are, I hesitate to say ugly, but yeah, they look like…a camera bag. That is what I love about [ONA] in general is that I don’t feel like I have to sacrifice fashion for utility. If I need to bring my camera anywhere, I don’t need to worry about how it will look with my outfit. It holds all my basic necessities without screaming, hey, “I’m a PHOTOGRAPHER!” You get the picture. I can feel more normal with it on, which is great when I am at weddings and mingling with the crowd for priceless candids.

As for being able to carry non-camera equipment, the BOWERY does alright. You can see in these pictures how I arrange, what I consider purse necessities, in my [ONA] bag. I use the front two pockets for my phone, notes, SD cards, and chapstick. In the larger back pocket, I secure my wallet-wristlet and sunglasses. Smaller and flatter items work best in here.

ONA Bowery Bag | Rememory Photography-1-2 ONA Bowery Bag | Rememory Photography-9

Although I am a photographer, this bag can carry camera equipment for anyone who needs a camera on them. Bloggers, journalists, travel/real estate agents, people who practice photography as a hobby, etc. I highly recommend this camera bag! I would LOVE to get some of their other models, like their backpack model, the Campus Bay, or the Brixton laptop bag. If you need a bigger size other than the BOWERY, [ONA] has some great options.

That’s all folks! Let me know if you have any experiences with ONA!

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  1. I would *love* to find a smaller camera bag and it looks like you found one that would be great. I have a lovely Epiphanie bag that I got for Christmas and it’s pretty and holds my camera and a few lenses but it’s just a bit bigger than I would like. Thanks for the review. I’ll check this out and maybe you can show your bag off to me the next time I see you? :)