Practice Makes Perfect | 30 Day Photo Project

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When I was first starting out as a photographer, the number one thing I did for myself was practice. I studied, then I practiced. I took all the free gigs I could to build my portfolio. I assisted a friend several times, who was a really great wedding photographer, as a second shooter to learn the wedding photography trade. I took pictures every moment that I could to learn the inner workings of my camera. There was one entire month a couple years ago that I took pictures every single day, calling it my “30-day project” or something to that effect. The point is I practiced and practiced and practiced.

I recommend a little project like this because no matter where you are on the photography scale, novice, pro, or an avid instagrammer, a little side project is good for everyone every once in a while. See my motivation post on that here. Of course, you can modify this list and make it your own, but I think this is a good starting point. The point is to use this as a guide to think creatively, and to get you in situations you might never think to go out of your way to do. When I did my 30 day project, I took ideas like this and incorporated my son, Ezra, so each day was a picture of him in a new way.

So use each point creatively! You will enjoy how your style develops and evolves (and it will over the course of this project if you push yourself to get better). Here are some ideas for a 30-days:

30 Day photo project

Have fun!


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