Ezra + Mari Mae | Marble Falls Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch-5

Ezra and Mari Mae went to the pumpkin patch last weekend! Josiah and I got together with GG, Luke and Celena to have a family fun day. So we droveĀ up to Marble Falls to Sweet Berry Farms, which has an awesome pumpkin patch. The kiddos got a train ride, hay ride, face painting, and general autumn fun! Ezra and Mari Mae love each other so much it warms my heart. They love to hold hands and give each other lots of hugs. Check the adorable-ness:

Pumpkin Patch-1 Pumpkin Patch-2 Pumpkin Patch-3 Pumpkin Patch-4 Pumpkin Patch-5 Pumpkin Patch-6 Pumpkin Patch-7 Pumpkin Patch-8 Pumpkin Patch-9 Pumpkin Patch-10 Pumpkin Patch-11 Pumpkin Patch-12 Pumpkin Patch-13 Pumpkin Patch-14

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