Foster Cade

Foster Cade-3

I can’t believe how much little Foster has grown already. He was born on May 18th this year weighing 6 lbs, 140z. A perfect and healthy baby boy! Foster’s mom, Tori, had quite the pregnancy full of all sorts of ups and downs. It was really crazy to be able to sort of catalogue her pregnancy for her, and then to finally take these photos of Foster. It was so incredible, and I am so happy for the Johnson family! Here are some of my favorites:

Foster Cade-1 Foster Cade-2 Foster Cade-3 Foster Cade-4 Foster Cade-5 Foster Cade-6 Foster Cade-7 Foster Cade-8 Foster Cade-9 Foster Cade-10 Foster Cade-11 Foster Cade-12 Foster Cade-13 Foster Cade-15 Foster Cade-16 Foster Cade-17 Foster Cade-18 Foster Cade-19 Foster Cade-20 Foster Cade-21 Foster Cade-22 Foster Cade-23 Foster Cade-24

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