Nikia and Elijah’s Engagement Session | San Antonio Photography

Engagements at the McNay | Rememory Photography-19

Nikia and Elijah were such a pleasant surprise for me this year! For those who don’t know, I didn’t always used to live in Texas. In fact, I lived most of my childhood in Leesburg, Virginia, where Nikia was my next door neighbor. Now she lives in San Antonio! Go figure.

She and Elijah recently got engaged, and, like most military folk, Elijah had to leave for duty the week after their engagement. We planned everything out pretty quickly, and I knew the McNay Museum here in San Antonio can not be beat in terms of beauty.

I love their photos so so much! Take a look at my favorites:

Engagements at the McNay | Rememory Photography-1 Engagements at the McNay | Rememory Photography-2 Engagements at the McNay | Rememory Photography-3 Engagements at the McNay | Rememory Photography-4 Engagements at the McNay | Rememory Photography-5 Engagements at the McNay | Rememory Photography-6 Engagements at the McNay | Rememory Photography-7 Engagements at the McNay | Rememory Photography-8 Engagements at the McNay | Rememory Photography-9 Engagements at the McNay | Rememory Photography-10 Engagements at the McNay | Rememory Photography-11 Engagements at the McNay | Rememory Photography-12 Engagements at the McNay | Rememory Photography-13 Engagements at the McNay | Rememory Photography-14 Engagements at the McNay | Rememory Photography-15 Engagements at the McNay | Rememory Photography-16 Engagements at the McNay | Rememory Photography-17 Engagements at the McNay | Rememory Photography-18 Engagements at the McNay | Rememory Photography-19 Engagements at the McNay | Rememory Photography-20 Engagements at the McNay | Rememory Photography-21 Engagements at the McNay | Rememory Photography-22

Chase and Lindsey’s Engagements | Austin Engagement Photography

An Austin Engagement | Rememory Photography-18

This session puts a whole new twist on the term “Engagement Photos.” I literally took photos of Chase and Linsdey getting engaged, at the exact moment it happened! I was so excited to work with Chase since we practically grew up together in High School. He got everything lined up and planned for him and Lindsey that day, and I met with him in secret as she was getting dressed for dinner. We planned out how everything would look, and then I waited! I was so excited for them, knowing that every moment I captured was something incredibly special.  I wish more people photographed their engagement!

Anyway, here are my favorites:

An Austin Engagement | Rememory Photography-1 An Austin Engagement | Rememory Photography-2 An Austin Engagement | Rememory Photography-3 An Austin Engagement | Rememory Photography-4 An Austin Engagement | Rememory Photography-6 An Austin Engagement | Rememory Photography-7 An Austin Engagement | Rememory Photography-8 An Austin Engagement | Rememory Photography-9 An Austin Engagement | Rememory Photography-10 An Austin Engagement | Rememory Photography-11 An Austin Engagement | Rememory Photography-12 An Austin Engagement | Rememory Photography-13 An Austin Engagement | Rememory Photography-14 An Austin Engagement | Rememory Photography-15 An Austin Engagement | Rememory Photography-16 An Austin Engagement | Rememory Photography-17 An Austin Engagement | Rememory Photography-18 An Austin Engagement | Rememory Photography-19

Jake and Leah’s Glitter-Themed Wedding


I love love love weddings, but I especially love this wedding. Jake and Leah’s wedding is the wedding I wish I was creative enough to have thought of myself. Leah reached out to me with about one week of time to prepare for this wedding reception. She and Jake had just returned to the U.S. after completing a mission together in Africa, where they met and already married! This was a wedding/reception for their family and friends here in Texas.

Their wedding was a fusion of glitter and African elements, like Giraffe and Elephant statues and figurines. I loved the table decorations with glitter animal print on the mason jars. Leah also brought along the Barona Bus, which has traveled the states and seen many hands of love and artists.

It was incredibly difficult to whittle down all the photos I had into one, readable blog post, but here it is! My favorites, so bear with me:

Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-1 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-2 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-3 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-4 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-5 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-6 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-7 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-8 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-9 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-10 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-11 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-12 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-13 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-14 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-15 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-16 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-17 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-18 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-19 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-20 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-21 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-22 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-23 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-24 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-25 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-26 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-27 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-28 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-29 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-30 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-31 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-32 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-33 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-34 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-35 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-36 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-37 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-38 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-39 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-40 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-41 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-42 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-43

Glitter-1 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-44 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-45 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-46 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-47 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-48 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-49 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-50 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-51 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-52 Glitter Wedding | Rememory Photography-53

Foster Cade

Foster Cade-3

I can’t believe how much little Foster has grown already. He was born on May 18th this year weighing 6 lbs, 140z. A perfect and healthy baby boy! Foster’s mom, Tori, had quite the pregnancy full of all sorts of ups and downs. It was really crazy to be able to sort of catalogue her pregnancy for her, and then to finally take these photos of Foster. It was so incredible, and I am so happy for the Johnson family! Here are some of my favorites:

Foster Cade-1 Foster Cade-2 Foster Cade-3 Foster Cade-4 Foster Cade-5 Foster Cade-6 Foster Cade-7 Foster Cade-8 Foster Cade-9 Foster Cade-10 Foster Cade-11 Foster Cade-12 Foster Cade-13 Foster Cade-15 Foster Cade-16 Foster Cade-17 Foster Cade-18 Foster Cade-19 Foster Cade-20 Foster Cade-21 Foster Cade-22 Foster Cade-23 Foster Cade-24

Neiman Marcus “Shoe Shoot”


If you didn’t catch my first indoor Beauty Photoshoot, check it out (here). Neiman’s loved the work I did for their beauty product selection, so they asked me to capture some photos of some shoes for a charity event they were sponsoring. I included a photoshopped piece I made as well per their request, something showing off their favorites for this season. Here are some of my favorites:

Shoes-1 Shoes-3 Shoes-4 Shoes-5 Shoes-6 Shoes-8 Shoes-9 Shoes-10