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On January 2, 2014, Ezra, my 2.5 year old son, took a nap. Nothing out of the ordinary and usually nothing worth a photograph. However, when I went to wake him up, I found that he had migrated from his room to the neighboring guest bedroom to complete said nap. I thought he was so […]

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Schaddelee’s at the White Wedding

I think all of my immediate Schaddelee family members are friends with Chelsea and Matt, so when I photographed their wedding I also got lots of fun family pictures! I call them the Schaddelee gang because for me, I was introduced to this side of the family through my husband, obviously. But technically we now […]

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Big Bend National Park

Josiah and I celebrated our 4-year anniversary last weekend! Like we did last year, we had a “posh-and-primitive” getaway. We planned on camping at Big Bend National Park, tent and all, but one of the cottages at the Chisos Basin Lodge opened up, so we got an entire little mountain-type cottage to ourselves! So we […]

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How-To Edit Portraits

I spill all my secrets in this post! I have been wanting to make an editing tutorial for a while now. It seemed inappropriate to post one however, due to the nature of revealing a photograph step by step through the editing process. Like I am going to do here, I will show you the […]

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Day at the Zoo

I recently upgraded my camera gear, and was eager to play with everything. So my husband, son, and I, headed over to the Austin Zoo! In doing this, I think I have discovered a passion for wildlife photography. I mean, how cool are these tigers? Plus, I love animals. Take a look:  

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Valentine Baby

I have decided to start a new photography project. I want to dress little Ezra up for a themed photoshoot, for every holiday. To start it off, I wanted to do a Valentine themed photoshoot! Unfortunately, the weather has been pretty cloudy for the past few weeks. But Ezra and I headed out to the […]

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White Christmas… In Dallas?

Check this. My family, who lives in Maine, didn’t get a single snowflake on Christmas. I was in Dallas this past Christmas with my in-laws, and as you can see, we practically got snowed in. It was the first White Christmas I have had since, goodness, I was a kid. I certainly wasn’t expecting it. […]